Home Delivery

Services, such as, meal delivery are provided at the person's residence.

Home Delivered Meals

Description: Nutritious meals are delivered to eligible homebound individuals. A PGCSC-funded service.


Eligibility: To be eligible, you must be:

. At least 60 years of age and homebound, or
. A caregiver of an eligible elderly person, or
. Disabled, 18-59 years old, with a physician-diagnosed physical or mental impairment that substantially limits your ability to perform activities of daily living.


Cost: Donations are greatly encouraged, needed, and appreciated.

For this service, or for more information on the areas served: Call PGCSC's Central Intake, Screening and Referral telephone line (800) 293-9393 or (520) 836-2758 or call the appropriate senior center for referral process.

Area Agency on Aging, Region V (Pinal/Gila Counties)

Incorporated in 1974, Pinal-Gila Council for Senior Citizens (PGCSC) is a non-profit organization designated as the Area Agency on Aging for Region V, which encompasses Pinal and Gila counties.

PGCSC’s mission is to assist seniors and persons with disabilities in Region V achieve and maintain self-sufficiency with dignity and offer choices of appropriate care by providing a wide range of community and home-based services.

PGCSC also represents the interests of the elderly and acts to advocate for change in public and private attitudes, policies, and regulations.

PGCSC provides a wide variety of services for seniors, persons with disabilities, and caregivers. These services are offered directly or through a network of provider agencies.

The focus of services offered is to help older adults continue to live independently in their own homes.

8969 W. McCartney Road, Casa Grande, AZ 85194

Services offered by PGCSC include:

Adult respite care

Housing assistance

Advocacy for seniors

Health care issues

Caregiver support

In-home care

Consulting support

Insurance/benefits assistance

Meal programs

What is Durable Medical Equipment and Where Can I Buy It?

This article was published in Senior Living.org - last updated March 22, 2023

Durable Medical equipment (DME) is defined as a medically necessary supply or device that you can use over and over again.

Medicare covers most of the cost of many common pieces of DME.
Read our 2023 guide to Medicare to see what else is covered by Medicare that you might not know about.

Devices and supplies must meet a certain list of criteria to be classified as DME by Medicare and Medicaid.

When you're trying to navigate aging in place or managing an illness or disability, it can be hard to keep up with all of the lingo. To help, we're going to explore a popular term that you're likely to encounter as you age: durable medical equipment (DME).

DME might sound straightforward since you already know what each word means, but it's actually a specific term used by Medicare, Medicaid, and other insurance companies. In general, durable medical equipment is medically necessary supplies and devices that you can use over and over again.

Seniors, who are more likely to have a chronic illness or mobility difficulties, need durable medical equipment more than other age groups.

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